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1. The Buyer Inspection
2. The Sellers Inspection
3. The Review Inspection
4. The Home Checkup Inspection
5. The Home Checkup Plan
Starting at $275.00

Serving the Twin Cities, MN and Central/Western, PA Markets:

Your home is the largest investment you are every going to make, shouldn’t you be protected? Protect your investment with a buyers or sellers home inspection from National Realty Home Inspections.  We provide thorough, certified inspections from your roof, mechanical equipment, electrical system, plumbing down to your foundation and everything in between. We are AHIT and InterNACHI certified, trusted and professional.  NRH Home Inspections is proud to serve the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul area) and surrounding 13 counties. Call today for a quote 763-458-9542.

-Inspections usually last 3-4 hours
-Rates based on your square footage
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Ask for a C.L.U.E report;

One important thing to keep in mind that a inspector will never know unless you obtain a C.L.U.E report (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting exchange) is whether a insurance claim has been made and the money was already spent without completing the repairs. I.E say you are going to purchase a new home and NRH home inspection notes that the roof has sustained some minor hail damage and will be in need of repair in the future.  If you purchase the home and at a latter date sustain more hail damage, but the previous owners had already made a claim and not replaced the roof you will be out of luck and have to pay for the replacement yourself.  A C.L.U.E report goes back 7 seven to track previous home claims click here to obtain a C.L.U.E report